What information should I include in my invitations?

what information should I include in my invitations?

So many times we get asked the question “what information should I include in my invitations?”. In today’s post i’d like to answer some of those questions with the information that I find most couples will include on their invitations.

Planning a wedding around the general busyness of life can be hectic. But I’m here to make the process a little easier with some tips to help create the wedding of your dreams – starting with your wedding stationery. If you missed my previous post about wedding invitation aesthetics please view it here

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What information should I include in my invitations?

If you are using a wedding website (a popular option), a single invitation card is all you need to send out. This card will have the details of your wedding website on it. Your guests can then visit your customised website to view the relevant information about your wedding.

If you have chosen traditional invitations, they will need to contain the following information:

Date, Time, Place, Dress code

RSVP details

This can be done via a separate card which guests post back to you or via email. Most couples these days are choosing for their guests to RSVP via email however RSVP cards are still popular for the couples that want to take a more traditional approach.

Parking details

It’s a good idea to list the closest parking details – especially if you are having a wedding in an inner city area.

A note about children

This one is a tricky one. However let’s face it not many couples want children tearing through their wedding ceremonies. We have a range of really polite ways to put “no kids” on your invitations – please email us for more details!

A note about Gifts

Most couples these days opt for either no gifts, a wishing well or very occasionally a gift registry, we can advise on wording for any of these scenarios.

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Pre and post wedding celebration details

Many couples love to have a weekend long celebration so a next day brunch is a popular idea. It’s a good idea to let guests know about this with your wedding invitations

Accommodation details

If you are having a destination wedding and your guests are flying in from interstate or overseas you might suggest the closest hotel to your wedding celebrations. Some couples create deals with hotels to give their guests a discounted rate


Buses to pick people up from their accommodation and drop them home safely at the end of the night is a great way to ensure everyone can have a good time (and also a few drinks).

It’s important not to crowd too much information onto one card – either print the finer details on the back of the invitation or include a separate details card to accompany the invitation card.

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Other Information you can include on your invitations

Maps – now most people have GPS’s on their phones or in their cars these days. However I think it’s a really nice finishing touch to add a little mud map with your invitations. This gives guests a very rough idea about how long their trip will take from the closest town or city.


It doesn’t have to be complicated!

While the above might seems like a lot of information it can be condensed down to a sentence or two about each topic. While you can create a suite of cards (ie and invitation card, RSVP card, details card) for your invitations many couples opt for printing a single invitation only and all the details on the back! Easy!

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Got questions? We’re here to help!

I hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to pop me an email tabitha@bluebirdinvitations.com.au.  I’m always happy to chat via phone 0419 788 465

Happy wedding planning

Tabitha – Blue Bird Invitations xx


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