Set the scene with perfect wedding stationery

half arch invitation with wax seal

Set the scene with perfect wedding stationery

You get to set the scene for the day you have in mind for your guests and in these covid times, you can create the excitement that transports them into the feel and expectation of your wedding long before the big day arrives.

As your guests eagerly open their wedding invitations, imagine when they see the new half arch trend combined with a modern fresh take on the wax seal in white. Designed to complement 2021’s leading colours of peach, blush, toffee and white in a fresh new trend. Notice how deliciously the tones embrace the abundant blooms, linens and elegant location of one of Maleny’s premier venues, The Old Dairy.

What we are creating is the overall vibe of your day delivered personally into the hands of your friends and family. This Invitation will instantly have guests anticipating an elegant, on trend, stylish affair and they will start planning out fits and booking a wonderful weekend away.

This display was at the recent Summer Showcase for which our style team created 3 different looks.

What we have done from the start is create a love story in act 1 with the stunning peach, half arched shape invitations, as the leading star and we backed it up with menus, seating chart and our beautiful love quote welcome sign…

half arch invitation with wax seal

Today I marry my best friend the one I laugh with, live for dream with and love!

The invitation is the opening act, so consider this when choosing your perfect invite design. Even in this day and age, an emailed wedding invitation is not considered polite… so don’t go there! But where we can take you is to a level of design and textures that will literally marry in with your total style brief. We always recommend texture as it is all about how it makes a person feel.

When this is how card stock is described how can one resist…  “With a surface that’s kissed with a delicate dimple impression reminiscent of vintage parchment paper or even a hint citrus peel if you hold it so it catches the light”

blush pink invitation

One other clever trend is to add your guest’s name to your menu allowing one sleek placement of the defining arch shape to the flatware setting, tucked in beside the linen napkin.

peach invitation with wax seal half arch

And who can resist taking that white wax seal from the invitation, through to the on the day menu.

half arch wedding timeline

A timeline also sets the outline for your day and is a great welcome to your wedding.

We can take that fabulous arch shape into your signage which when printed on a heavy foam core board, is ready to sit on which ever stand you may hire or make for your day.

half arch seating chart


half arch sign

The peach half arch invitation and menu certainly stole the show as a fresh modern, elegant invitation design concept.

half arch invitation with wax seal peach

wedding styling setup blush

In our 2nd theme we brought out the new colour to the design team CLAY!

Autumn perfect, as is warms against a backdrop of pink, peach and earthy blush tones.

clay card stock with wax sealNote how crisp the white ink printing is against the clay card and that it also works so beautifully with either timber or linens. Depending on if you want to dress it up with linen and crystal in a room with a view and a fire, soft furnishing’s and cosy throws or a little more laid back but still dramatic against exposed timber tables.

clay invitation with wax seal

Act 3 brings out the dusky textured pink card for your stationery range, which is a star in its own right, best partnered with a simple not overly complex design to let it shine!

blush pink card invitation

Perfect also for outdoor dining under the stars or in a luxurious Sperry tent, as it has the little gold clip that attaches the place card to the menu, so it does not blow away on a summers breeze.

blush pink menu

How you choose your stationery is often influenced by your style.

Most people do not know, what they don’t know and that is so relevant to weddings, as most have never done it before, so often the best way to choose your prefect stationery is with the kindness and care of a professional. Who has the experience to work in with your stylist, planner and florist for that polished finish to your whole wedding day look.

There are so many different styles of wedding invitations available these days, it’s hard not to become influenced by what other people have had.  But it’s your big day, so only you and your partner know what the perfect invitation will be for you both.  We can help make that choice easy reflecting your personalities, incorporating your overall style and delivering it stress free, to you for your perfect opening act and day of love!

The creative Team:

Angela Cannavo Photography
The old Dairy Maleny
Fiesta Flora
Maple Weddings and Events
Out of the dark lighting
Blue Bird Invitations

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